- How to get to Volks' Tenshi no Sato in Kyoto -

First of all, take JR Sagano line(aka Sanyou line) at 32nd or 33rd track of Kyoto station.

Note: Don't take "Express" train, or you'll pass Saga-Arashiyama station.
(Express trains don't stop at Saga-Arashiyama.)
Get off the train at Saga-Arashiyama station.
It takes about 18 minutes to be there from Kyoto.
This is a map around Tenshi no Sato.
When you walk out from the station, you'll get a view like this.
(Taken at the point #1 on the map.)
Then see your left.
Pass the brown building(Community Saga) on your left, and turn left at the first corne(#3 on the map)r.
(Taken at the point #2 on the map.)
This is the corner where you'll turn left.
(Taken at the point #3 on the map.)
Then, just follow the road and you'll meet a railroad crossing like this.
(Taken at the point #4 on the map.)
Pass the crossing.
Walk for a while and you'll come to a end of the street.
There turn left.
After a minute of walking or so, you'll see tall wall on your right ahead.
Congratulations, this is Tenshi no Sato!
(Taken at the point #6 on the map.)
To get to the entrance, turn right at the narrow corner.